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    Ready for a refresh? Nourish your skin with our award-winning  #MKNaturally  Nourishing Oil. @Shape says the, “blend of sweet almond, olive, and sesame oils brings parched skin to life.”  #MaryKay 
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    Where dewy, hydrated skin begins! Discover what’s right for your skin type at our bio link. Which one are you choosing?  #MaryKay 
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    Powder up! This translucent powder sets the foundation for a naturally beautiful look.  #MaryKay   #OddlySatisfying 
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    The TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Set is clinically shown to deliver these age-defying results: ✨ Reduced look of deep lines and wrinkles, and improved look of wrinkle severity ✨ Lifted appearance is restored ✨ Improved skin firmness ✨ Improved skin elasticity ✨ Enhanced appearance of skin clarity ✨ Improved overall appearance  #MaryKay 
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    A few of our favorite things! Get in the gifting spirit and learn how to make your own basket on our Instagram Stories!  #MaryKay